Government Services

Having worked for both city and federal government, Blooming Landscape & Design (LDS) understands the various nuances of government operations and the responsibilities that they carry in protecting and preserving our nation’s precious resources. LDS also recognizes the many challenges that arise with this task. LDS’ mission is to ameliorate some of these challenges by providing support in the area of resource conservation and management.


Trail Planning & Design

Blooming Landscape & Design has extensive experience in trail planning and design. Following the US Forest Service Federal Guidelines and Specifications, Blooming Landscape & Design can design a multi-use trail (hikers, bikers and/or horseback riders) that is not only engaging and aesthetically pleasing but also one that is durable and requires very little maintenance over the long run. LDS starts off with a thorough inspection of your property to determine the areas that are most suitable for a trail. LDS will take into account the slope of the terrain, the aspect, the topography, drainage, vegetation as well as viewshed and points of interest. All of these help to inform the final design to create a meandering, contour trail enjoyed for years to come.

Planning & Design Services

LDS provides land use planning and design services for small and large-scale projects. A thorough site analysis is essential in the beginning phase of any land use project. Whether the objective is to build on the site or restore it back to its native habitat, LDS can determine the constraints and opportunities of a particular place by assessing both natural and cultural elements. Through observation, data collection and mapping, LDS looks at hydrology, soils, topography, vegetation, circulation, climate, existing infrastructure and other pertinent items to get a better understanding of the land. These findings are then synthesized into a road map to inform the design and most appropriate and environmentally sensitive course of action. At this point, LDS will work closely with the client to create a conceptual design and site plan that illustrates the various ways to manage or develop the site. LDS also leads design charettes to give stakeholders and community members an opportunity to weigh in on a design and planning project.