The genesis of Blooming is rooted in a deep love for nature and its many splendors and delights. It also springs from a desire to change mainstream landscaping practices that are dominated by heavy chemical use (synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides), water-guzzling lawns and exotic plants to a practice that looks at landscapes holistically and acknowledges the interconnectivity of all living things. We allow the local ecology to inform our designs. We strive to use native, perennial plants when possible, harvest rain and stormwater and create gardens that help regenerate the soils, water and ecology they rely on. As a result we create landscapes that enhance the human experience while restoring health and balance back to the landscape. We delight in the idea of families engaging with their garden and being curious and tickled by the sight of a native bee or insect feeding from a native plant. We feel comforted knowing that people, children and pets can safely engage with their organically-managed landscape.